There are many things I would like to tell about my baby with you all Moulik wadhwa was born on 10th march 2017 in Mangla Dogra Nursing Home sector 19 chandigarh. Baby delivered is 7.45 pm and doctor said congratulation its baby boy. When we picked him up for the first time in our arms that is very awesome moments. Even Water in our eyes had come to our eyes.We did a lot of things to welcome our new baby. We have been bringing every kind of toy for moulik from the very beginning.

There is a separate room for moulik Which we decorated with toys in a very good way Although the whole house we have decorated to welcome him My child is very attractive and naughty from the beginning. Moulik is my first child and I love him so much. My baby fills a place in our heart. Having my baby fall asleep in my arms takes away all of my worries and stresses.Moulik favourite colour is blue and toy is musical car's . There is another sweet habit of moulik that I would like to share Which he takes a thumb in his mouth.

When he starts to feel hungry he takes thumbs in the mouth so that I will find out he is hungry. There are so many things I know about Moulik being his mother. Some of Moulik 's habits are very different from other kids. My husband and I always keep doing something new to happy our child. Moulik has all kinds of toys and one interesting thing his favourite my blue dupatta Which he always keeps with himself on his bed.

Moulik plays with everyone even goes to everyone.It's great for me and my husband to spend maximum time with him. Moulik wadhwa I carried you every second of your life and I will love you for every second of mine